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  • 16401-41010 radiator cap with temperature gauge
16401-41010 radiator cap with temperature gauge

16401-41010 radiator cap with temperature gauge

  • Product description:Explore our high-quality radiator cap with temperature gauge, designed to monitor coolant temperature, maintain pressure balance, and prevent leaks. Suitable for various vehicle models.
16401-41010 radiator cap

Function introduction:

* The role of the water tank cover: not only to prevent water leakage, the greater role is to adjust the pressure balance of the water tank, keep the water level balance of the water tank; As the water temperature rises, the cooling water begins to expand.Once the pressure relief value is exceeded (0.9kg), the spring of the water tank cover is opened, and the cooling water will flow to the water tank auxiliary kettle for storage. On the contrary, the water temperature decreases, the volume of water becomes smaller, and a vacuum is formed in the water tank. At this time, the cover of the water tank will be opened to suck the water back into the water tank to maintain the water level balance.

* Replace the d1-SPEC temperature measuring safety water tank cover, you can know the accurate water tank temperature without starting the engine; Silicone inner plug - improves heat resistance and tightness of water tank cover!

* Water cooled off-road motorcycle special water tank cover with water temperature meter, and the car can know the coolant temperature at any time, no longer afraid of high water temperature damage engine. Universal for all water tanks.6028

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